Registration of interest

As a breeder of this fantastic breed of English Bulldog, I have the desires and expectations of you who buy a dog from me.

I wish this to be able to follow the breeding work, where health and mentality is important to me.

I wish I could follow my puppies throughout their lives. So you who buy a puppy from me may see it as I follow in the price.
My wishes are that you send me photos, movies every now and then.
Will visit every now and then.
Hear from you time to time.
That you hear from you no matter what happens.
Comes to the puppy meeting to conduct BPH at about 12 – 18 months of age.
Will come when it is kennel meeting and socializing.
That we communicate with each other.

Is this something that you feel is ok and right for you, then you are welcome with your registration of interest.

Hugs to you all / Marita